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10 Ways Agents Win Instructions with 360 Tours

6th January 2022

According to figures¹ analysing over 170,000 listings, just 12.2% of UK properties for sale currently include a virtual tour.

What makes this figure even more surprising is that more than 60% of buyers² rate 360 tours as the most useful feature in their online property search.

Virtual Tours: Top 10 Ways Estate Agents Win Instructions

For our clients, this has created an opportunity in their efforts to convince vendors to list with them over the local competition. For a map of which of your local competitors use virtual tours, click here.

The article that follows is summary of the most compelling arguments they use to win over vendors.

1. Working in a bigger market compared to the competition

Virtual tours make it easier for out-of-area buyers to view, expanding the geographical market for their home. Sellers want quick offers, a speedy sale and the best price possible for their home. Fishing for buyers in a larger pond helps your vendor get what they want.

Virtual Property Tour Map

2. Quicker vendor feedback

One of the biggest frustrations for vendors is a lack of feedback on their property sale. Our clients use our unique lead capture functionality to block off 360 tours on property portals. This enables them to call people who’ve viewed the tour as well as provide statistics to the vendor on the number of “private virtual tour viewings” that have taken place.

3. Vendor time savings

Selling a property is stressful, not least having to keep tidying up for potential buyers when they come around to view. Providing virtual viewings screens out the tire kickers and those who aren’t quite right for their property. This saves the vendor time and stress as they only have to prepare their property for the most serious buyers.

Stop watch

4. A potentially higher sale price

Higher property prices

Working in a bigger market compared to the competition gives them access to more buyers which means a greater probability of a competitive bid situation. After all, they only need two bidders to significantly raise the sale price of their home and a broader market makes it more likely.

5. A potentially quicker sale

Virtual tours save the buyer, the vendor and your negotiators time. By reducing the number of physical viewings, all parties get to the end result more quickly, reducing the time on the market and increasing the speed of sale.

6. Ready to list in under an hour

Our clients can create a Virtual Tour in under 20 minutes, so they can start virtual viewings with buyers they have on their books almost immediately, speeding up the offer process and reducing the sale time for their clients' homes.

7. Showcase outside space with drone-like footage

When outside space is a key selling point for your vendor’s property, it’s a two minute job for our clients to use our aerial stick to create a 360 aerial tour to set them apart from other agents.

8. Showcase features important to your vendors

Often if a vendor has spent a considerable sum of money on an item that is staying with the property, for example built-in-wardrobes, an Aga or even a cinema room then showcasing this on a virtual tour is a great way to close the sale. “Information points” can easily be added to each tour with close-up photographs or videos of each item.

9. Referrals from your branded tours on social media and Whatsapp

Whatsapp and social media are the dominant media for sharing useful, interesting and personal information. Virtual Tours are shared much more frequently with friends and family than website listings as they provide a truer and more interactive representation of a property. Our virtual tours allow you to add your branding to the top left of very screen, the location empirically proven to draw the eye. You can also add your strapline, links to your phone number, social media profiles getting your brand out there in the local market.

10. 360 degree sunshine

360 Degree Sunshine

Have you ever been to property take on in the rain? The images and 360 tours are never quite the same. Our unique enhancement technology upgrades both your still images and 360 tours to make your vendors external photos look incredible. For more information please book a free 30 minute demo and check out our pricing page here.


¹ On 5th January 2022, Made Snappy analysed 170, 185 sale listings across Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market. 20679 listings were found to contain a virtual or video tour equating to 12.15% of the total.

² Research conducted by

Ashley Rigg

Marketing Director

Marketing professional with more than 15 years experience in the property and estate agency sector

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