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Founded by software developer turned letting agent Mark McCorrie,
Made Snappy 360 is one of the fastest growing 360 tour companies in Europe.

A Virtual Tour on every property listing

With a client list of more than 300 UK agents, Made Snappy 360’s mission is to be the go-to listing solution for estate agents looking to WOW their vendors and simplify their working lives.

Our vision is for every property listing in the world to contain a virtual tour. Our goal is to make it so easy and cost effective for agents to do this that it becomes the obvious way for the industry to list new instructions.

Removing the need for expensive proprietary hardware

Our system allows agents to create their own-branded 360 Tour and 2D floorplan from any high-quality 360 camera. A three bedroom house takes under 10 minutes and our team of professionals work to deliver to our clients the next working day.

Our biggest competitors ask their clients to buy their proprietary cameras which cost thousands and are at risk of becoming obsolete as the market matures. After all, who wants to buy Betamax or VHS these days?

Four estate agent services, one platform

It’s not just virtual tours and floorplans that Made Snappy 360 provide. Our service is a one-stop shop for our clients’ listing needs with a drag and drop photo editing and enhancement service provided as standard. Our AI technology corrects and enhances 2D images in eight different ways to compensate for imperfect shooting conditions and user error, meaning agents can achieve professional looking photos to WOW their vendors without hiring expensive photography expertise.

Our lead generation system, Prospect Plus, is the fourth service which allows clients to lock off tours to generate additional buyer and vendor leads. It’s particularly useful for vendor prospecting on larger properties where buyers often have a property to sell.

Maths genius and letting agent loses his hair at 27

Made Snappy 360 is the brainchild of Mark McCorrie. Having come top in A-level maths in the whole of the UK in 2009, he embarked on a career as a software developer working in the aerospace industry for clients such as Boeing. Having always wanted to start his own business Mark gave up a stellar career to become a letting agent eventually managing 140 tenants across the Midlands. To save his team time driving across town to wasted viewings, he built the first prototype of Made Snappy 360 in 2018 and began to make virtual tours available to clients in 2019.

Fast forward to 2022 and two capital raises later, Made Snappy 360 now boasts more than 300 estate agency clients. "I think starting my lettings operation is what caused me to lose most of my hair", he jokes, "but what it did give me was a real understanding of the industry and what letting and estate agents need".

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