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We have a loyal client base of over 450 UK agents including some of the industry's biggest names. We've edited our client testimonial videos into convenient categories so you can quickly see how our service might add value to your operation.

Vendor Reactions Vendor Fees Vendor Pitch Instruction Wins Time savings Lead generation Photo editing

Vendor Reactions

"Vendors are blown away by it. I was a never a great fan [of virtual tours] but people are so used to to it now"

Angi Cooney, Director, C residential (West Midlands)

"My vendors have the same colour hair as me. They love it. They absolutely love it"

Clive Hedges, Director, Arnold Keys (Norfolk independent chain)

Vendor Fees

"We're increasing fees...and Made Snappy has helped [us achieve that]"

Jim Doer, Joint MD, Goadsbys (19 branch chain)

Vendor Pitch

Discussion on how a large independent chain is using Made Snappy in their vendor pitch

Jim Doer, Joint MD, Goadsbys (19 branch chain)

Instruction Wins

ESTAS "agent of the year" discusses an instruction she won using white label tools from Made Snappy

Angi Cooney, Director, C residential (West Midlands)

19 branch chain MD discusses an instruction they won from Savills using our white label services

Jim Doer, Joint MD, Goadsbys (19 branch chain)

Time savings

"You're saving me close to an hour for each property"

Gary Seed, Director, Qube Residential (Manchester & Liverpool)

Lead generation

"I like that potential buyers have to log into the system. From a lead generation point of view that works really well"

David Johnson, Director, KMJ Property (Kent)

Photo editing

"I'm a big photography control freak when it comes to property..I don't know quite what you're doing on Photoshop but they're better than what I was doing"

Andrew Downing Booth, Director ADB (Staffordshire)

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