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98% accurate floorplans

Create a floorplan and virtual tour in less than 10 minutes. Just one click per room from your mobile phone and any 360 camera.

High accuracy floorplans

Presenting accurate floorplans has never been more important. Recently property prices have been slashed by agents mismeasuring property. Thanks to our unique measurement technology, we mitigate risk by calculating floorplan dimensions with over 98% average accuracy.

98%+ accuracy floorplans

Takes 10 minutes with any 360 camera

One click per room

No need for floorplan software

Save time on site measuring up

Highly detailed, branded floorplans

Save admin time back in the office

Next day delivery

Algorithmically calculated floorplans with 98%+ accuracy

Using the 360 images you take when creating your virtual tour, using the height of your tripod we use mathematical formulas to calculate all the relevant dimensions and sizes in every room with an average accuracy of over 98%.

Save time using a laser measure and notepad

Using Made Snappy 360 removes the need to manually measure each room saving you significant time on site, not to mention the time saving building floorplans in a software programme.

Less human error, more peace of mind

Even the best employees make mistakes, especially if you ask great sales people to provide accurate floorplans. Our system takes human error out of your floorplan creation process giving you peace of mind that you've delivered the best possible service to your vendors.

Unrivalled speed and simplicity

If you've ever used a 3D scanner, you'll know that it takes around 90 minutes to complete a three bedroom house. Our system works with any 360 HDR camera from your mobile phone and it's one click per room. A three bedroom house takes less than 10 minutes onsite. It's so simple anyone in your office can do it.

Example floorplans

We work with agents across the housing spectrum, creating floorplans for one bedroom flats right up to multi-million pound mansions for clients such as Sothebys London. It takes our agents around ten minutes on site to create a floorplan and virtual tour for a three bedroom house. Bigger properties take slightly longer. There is no need for floorplan software as all the admin is done by our team. Here are two recent floorplans created on larger properties to give you an idea of the project size and complexity our system can handle.

Watermarked example

Colour example with compass

Angled property example

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