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Adding a Facebook Pixel to your tours

10th July 2020

We have introduced a new feature to our platform- adding a Facebook pixel to your tours. Agents are accumulating 1000's of views on their virtual tours, and you could be directly targeting those viewers with Adverts on Facebook and Instagram. This feature will allow you to place ads in front of people who have looked at your tours, including views from platforms such as Rightmove or Zoopla.

Step 1 - Setting up your Facebook Pixel

If you already have a Facebook Pixel set up, all you need to do is go in to your account, select Events Manager in the toolbar and copy your pixel code.

If you aren't yet doing Facebook marketing, or don't have a Pixel set up, then follow the guide below to get started:

View the facebook Guide

Step 2 - Adding the Pixel to your Tour

Copy your pixel ID from the Events Manager area in Facebook Business and copy it into your branding settings:

Step 3 - Test the Pixel

Go in to Facebook Business, Events Manager to test your pixel. Click the Test Events tab, and in another browser tab open up your virtual tour.

Your virtual tour should have now fired an event on the pixel as you have loaded the web page, and you will be able to see the event fire within your test.

Step 4 - Create an Audience

Now you know your pixel is working, you can create an audience based on your tour views.

Create an audience based on your website, and select 'People who visited specific web pages'. You can then insert a URL for specific tours, or if you want to target anyone that has viewed any tour you have created, then you can simply use If you then wish to exclude certain tours, you can also do this with the 'Exclude people' feature.

Want to see how your competitors are running their ads? Take a look at our article on viewing competitor Ads

Mark McCorrie

CEO, Made Snappy

Made Snappy is a platform that provides software for Letting and Estate agents to create their own virtual tours

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