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New feature (subscription only)

Lead capture

Track all interactions with your tours

Customise your settings across branches with both standard and lead-capturing links for your tours.

Switch on email notification for immediate updates when you have acquired a new lead.

See each time a viewer has opened your tour, how much they view and how long they spend exploring.

New feature

User management

Manage multiple branches under one account

For multi branch chains, you can separate your tours into individual branches.

For single branches that do both lettings and sales, you can separate your tours into lettings and sales.

You can also add multiple users to your account and give them access to specific branches, and choose whether they can modify your billing information or manage users.

New feature

Image editor

Adjust your images for privacy and clarity

Select areas of your image to blur out, like addresses or personal property.

Easily adjust the brightness of the photo as you build your tour.

New feature

Download image

Download 2D images from your tour

Download 2D images in high resolution directly from your virtual tours with our new screen-grab feature.

View counter

Show viewers how popular a property is

It's similar to a viewing where you tell a viewer "we have loads of interest in this property".

You can set a minimum number of views before it switches on to make sure it only shows when there have been enough views.

Voice overs

Guide your viewers

Add voice over to your tour to get the best of videos in your virtual tour.

You can upload an audio file for each image on your tour to talk to viewers as they walk round the property, like on a viewing.

Information points

Annotate your tour

Add extra information to your tours. Automatically styled in your brand colour, the small circles provide additional context to your tours including text, URL's, images and videos.

Unique to our platform

Facebook pixel

Target your audience

You can directly target viewers of your virtual tours with adverts on Facebook on Instagram.

Adding a Facebook pixel to your tours allows you to create target audiences in Facebook Business.

This feature will allow you to place ads in front of people who have looked at your tours, including views from platforms such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

Great for agents


Personalise your tours

Every tour you create is fully customisable. You can create multiple brands in your dashboard, and automatically apply the branding settings to the tours you create.

Features include the colour of your interactive icons, your logo, a link to your website, and your contact details.


Add those extra details

Navigate around your virtual tour with our interactive floorplans.

Upload a floorplan to your tour, and link each room to a location on the plan.

The feature allows viewers to click on the markers shown on the plan to navigate around the property and jump to different locations.

Multiple floorplans can be uploaded create a smooth transition between floors in a property. Viewers can also see what direction they are travelling in with the person icon.


Create a floorplan


Link to your virtual tour


Navigate around the tour


Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market

The Virtual Tours you create are compatible with portals that push listings to sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla. You can also get the link to embed in your own website.

Essential for HMOs

Sub tours

Organise your HMO

Each tour you build can be split into an unlimited number of sub tours completely free, so you can send tenants a tour of just the available rooms and communal areas.

Great for developers

Before and after

Showcase your development

Producing a before and after tour is a professional and effective way to show your development work to potential investors.

Social sharing

Increase your online presence

You can add social medial links directly to your Virtual Tours to direct viewers to your social media, including Instagram and Facebook. Your contact details and website can also be uploaded here.

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