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Video Walk Through? or 360 Virtual Tours?

18th November 2020

What is the difference?

With Government guidelines in place for Estate and Letting Agents it is advised that where possible, you should use virtual viewings before visiting properties in person in order to minimise public health risks. If any member of either the household being viewed, or the household undertaking a viewing is showing symptoms of COVID-19 or is self-isolating, then an in-person viewing should be delayed.

In light of the guidelines there are two popular choices and ways to create a Virtual Viewing for potential buyers and tenants.

Virtual tours

Looking at 360 interactive virtual tours from the Estate Agent perspective, there appears to be a fear of introducing them to their sales process as they do not feel like they are part of the initial steps of a potential buyer viewing a property. They may feel like the desire to sell the benefits of a property in their own unique way gets lost in a virtual tour, but this is not the case.

360 virtual tours allow the opportunity for the end user to view all aspects of the property in maximum detail and form their own opinion of the property. This allows the potential buyer or tenant to make an informed decision and decide whether they want a physical viewing.

The in-person viewing and sales process is not disrupted, but enhanced by allowing the end user to view the property in high-quality at their convenience to show friends and family, look at details and become closer to closing the deal.

Agent's can better assess whether a buyer or tenant is serious by using virtual tours before an in person viewing. This also falls within Government guidelines for agents, which states 'Only viewers with a serious interest in buying or renting the property can view it'.


Videos can be time consuming to record, and watch. Constant retakes over and over until you get it right (a 30 second phrase could take 10 mins or more to get right, frustrating or what)? A 2 minute production could take 2 hours to produce.

Video tours must be edited and published with background music, graphic overlays, zoom in and outs, correct angles, correct lighting and ensured they are recorded to emphasise the properties best features. It makes you question, is this really a fair approach for the potential buyer or tenant? Is it a true reflection of the property? Could it appear to be bias as what you are seeing as the viewer is what the video wants you to see?


Using 360 interactive virtual tours, a viewer can walk through the entire property at any time, with complete control of what they are looking at. No best angle shots, no fancy lighting or biased production as everything in the property is viewable as if you really are there.

Why agents are moving from video to virtual tours

Here's some data taken from Rightmove about how virtual viewings have surged this year through Covid and lockdown.

The graphs below also show how agents are moving from video to virtual tours.

Many agents are moving from video tours to virtual tours. They prefer to be transparent with their clients which is proving very successful. We have worked with many agents this year to implement 360 virtual tour technology into their business and have helped them achieve huge results. From renting properties with no viewings, to winning listings off their competitors.

Martin & Co - Nicola Rosindell - Branch Manager at Martin & Co Ashford

"Before using made snappy we were making our own video tours using our mobile phones however we were unhappy with the quality of this footage and the size of the files for sending to clients and wanted a much more professional and presentable marketing tool, not only for viewers but for our landlords and vendors."

Made Snappy Virtual Tours

Made Snappy offers 360 virtual tour software, the perfect solution to maximising your exposure whilst giving your buyers and tenants what they want. Virtual tours also:

- Save you time

- Are extremely cost effective

- Easy for staff to use

- Produce quality results and deliver the high standards of your reputation

- Qualify viewers saving unnecessary costs

- Enhance your business by saving time and being more productive

- A 360 interactive virtual tour can be produced in 20 minutes on the Made Snappy platform

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