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Why Your HMO Needs a Virtual Tour

11th August 2020

In the HMO Market it is essential to differentiate your business as the industry is highly saturated. Virtual Tours are an essential tool for HMO managers to gain quality results.

Improving quality of viewings

How many times have you driven to a viewing only to hear the words "the room is too small," "I can't fit my bookcase in that corner," or "I don't like it"?

Tenants are often drawn in with professional photos taken with wide angle cameras, not representing the true property. When they view the property in person, they find it isn't what they were looking for.

Virtual tours allow potential tenants to view a property at their own pace and focus on the areas that are important to them. This results in a reduction in wasted viewings making the ones you do, much higher quality.

Try a virtual tour for yourself:

40% reduction in viewings

Mark McCorrie, Founder of Made Snappy, first designed our virtual tour platform for his HMO business in Birmingham.

After driving half an hour to an evening appointment only for the tenant to turn up 10 minutes late and tell him "I don't like the place" as soon as they stepped through the front door, Mark decided there had to be a better way to do viewings.

Mark went on to build the virtual tour software you see today, and created a tour for every one of his properties. He ensured every tenant had seen the virtual tour before booking them in for an in person viewing.

The percentage of viewings to let dropped by 40%, and it was the last time he heard "the room is too small". This also added up to a cost saving of over £100 a month just on mileage costs.

International tenants or tenants moving long distances would even take a room just based on a virtual tour.

As you can see from the Spareroom responses below, potential tenants get a more honest feel for a property on a virtual tour, cutting out wasted viewings.

Virtual Tours without hurting your sales

Professional photographs are important for generating leads for your rooms. They are crucial for gaining interest and increasing click through rates on ads.

Once a tenant has enquired you then see if they qualify for a viewing. Whilst doing the normal checks, you can also send over a virtual tour to ensure the tenant is completely happy with the room they are viewing.

If they like the room, you can book them in for a viewing knowing your time will be well spent.

After the viewing, tenants can use the virtual tour to remind themselves of the property, and can be a great way of differentiating your property from other landlords.

The new sales process

Sending a virtual tour of an entire property to a tenant can hurt your sales process.

Tenants will likely look around every room they can, even ones that aren't available. If they see a room that is more spacious or they like more, this can hinder your sales process.

Our platform has specific HMO tools such as creating sub-tours of only available room(s) and the communal areas.

Videos or Virtual Tours?

When searching for something online, users are very impatient. We are constantly scanning pages leading to us asking questions that are often answered on the page.

Virtual tours are immediately engaging. Users can take control of a virtual tour, looking around areas that interest them the most at their own speed. Whereas videos only show what the Agent or Landlord wants them to see, often skimming over important areas which can be frustrating to watch.

People often skip out videos if they are too long or don't get to the point, whereas virtual tours give the user complete control.

How to get a Virtual Tour of your HMO

Book a demo and we will show you how to create your own Virtual Tours!

- Faster to create than taking professional photographs

- Tours can be created for tenanted properties by capturing the communal areas, then photographing the rooms as they come available

- Tours are incredibly cost effective. As little as £10 a tour

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