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"Best agent in the UK" launches new vendor service

21st April 2023

C residential, who picked up the Grand Prix Gold Award “Best agent office in the UK” at last year’s ESTAS awards, have launched a new service offering for vendors in their local marketplace.

The Staffordshire-based agency now offer vendors in Rugeley the option of keeping a 360 tour of their family home as part of their standard listing package . Working in partnership with Made Snappy 360, vendors are sent a white-labelled landing page and 360 tour on C residential’s web domain. The landing page remains live for 3 months and vendors are encouraged to download the tour to keep for posterity.

C residential Managing Director Angi Cooney believes it’s a great addition to their award-winning service offering. “Vendors have so many memories and emotions tied into their homes. It’s a great little addition, both a human and business level. We’re all about delivering the best service, so offering Forever Tours ticks the boxes for us”.

Cooney has integrated the offering into C residential’s follow-up processes. “We’ve added a box to our completion checklist so we make sure that vendors’ are sent the tours on completion. I like the fact that the Made Snappy system allows us to personalise the message and landing page for each vendor. It’s the time when vendors are happiest and most likely to give a review and share their experience of us with friends and family”, she said.

Forever Tours are created by Cooney’s in-house team at the same time as a floorplan using a 360 camera and Made Snappy 360’s service platform. “What I like is the speed and simplicity of it. We used to a measure and use a sketch pad, now the 360 camera does the measuring and floorplan and we get a Forever Tour as well to add to our vendor offering” said Cooney.

Made Snappy developed the system due to the number of vendor requests to keep their 360 tours and their subsequent market research with existing customers. “We had a regular stream of vendors contacting us directly as well as through clients asking for a copy of the tours. It’s quite a big thing for some people, especially if there’s a long history in the home being sold” said Made Snappy CEO Mark McCorrie.

“We interviewed 16 of our biggest and best clients and found out exactly how they wanted the service to work before launching it. A page celebrating both the property and the agent was important as was the facility to personalise the page and email message for each vendor” added McCorrie.

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