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Creating Virtual Tours

Ensure you are logged into your account on our website, then follow these steps.

If you don't already have an account, create a free one here.


Go to your Dashboard on your phone and click the "New Tour" button

This step and the next few steps must be done on a phone. The easiest way to get the photos onto the website is by downloading them onto your phone from the camera and uploading them straight to the website.


Write a private title for your tour. This is an internal name and we recommend you use the first line of the property.

Write a public title for your tour. This is the title that will be shown when tenants view the tour. We recommend using the street name.


Select the photos to upload, and press upload.

You will need to wait for a short period to upload and compress all the photos.

Make sure your phone doesn't go to sleep while it is uploading or the upload will fail.


Open your computer. It's easier to do all the remaining steps on a computer and mouse with a scroller.

Login to Made Snappy and select your tour from the dashboard:


Click to edit the tour


Go through each photo, give it a name, and choose where someone should be looking when they first look at the photo.

You can do this by clicking on the photos one by one, and completing the form.


Put the photos in a logical order that you might take someone round the house.

You can either drag the photos to the correct position, or use the up and down arrows to move them.

If you take the photos in this order, this will save you having to order the photos.


Go through each photo and create the links to other photos so you can walk around the property.

To create a link, first click on a photo to open it, then click on the photo where you want the link to go. Next click the corresponding photo you want to link to. Finally select the angle you want to be looking after moving to the new photo.


Make your tour live.

Once you have finished linking your photos, you will be on a page with the completed tour. To make it live click the "Make Public" button.

Now your Virtual Tour is complete and ready to share:

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