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How To Whitelist an Email on Yahoo

So you've had an email come into your spam on Yahoo, and you want to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

There are two things you should do.

Report It As Not Spam

The quickest and easiest step you can take is to report the email as not spam. This flags to Yahoo that they made a mistake with their spam filter.

This will likely work on its own.


Open the email, and click the "Not Spam" button

Add a Filter

Add a filter to stop emails from this email address going into spam.


On the main Yahoo dashboard, click on the settings in the top right corner and select "More Settings".


On the left hand column click "Filters". In the second column click "Add new filters". Fill out the form, making sure you set the folder to move to as "Inbox". Click Save.

Problems with Another Provider?

Are you looking for help on a different email provider to Yahoo?

Here are some other providers we have guides for:


Whitelist emails using Gmail or Gsuite

Outlook & Hotmail

Whitelist emails coming to a hotmail or outlook email address

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