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Case Study

Introducing Let Me In - A HMO Letting Agency in Birmingham that saves £100s a month using Virtual Tours.

Viewings typically take an hour of their time, or more if they are far from their office.

Frequently a viewing will turn up late, or not at all.

Less Viewings and Full Properties

Before using our Virtual Tour Solution, they regularly heard tenants say this on viewings:

"It looked bigger on the photos"
"I don't like the decor"
After travelling for 30 minutes to a viewing
"I've done about 15 viewings"
After being asked how many viewings they have done so far

Now before booking any viewing they send a Virtual Tour to the tenant to make sure it meets their criteria. This is feedback they received without having to leave the office:

Shaun - Interested Tenant

"The virtual tour is a great idea!

You were right, it's not quite what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your time and I'll keep looking."

Annmarie - Interested Tenant

"Thank you for the tour, not what I am looking for though"

Zakiya - Interested Tenant

"Looking at the tour the room looks a little small for me. If you have another property in the near future with a room as large as the first.

Please contact me."

Avoiding each of these viewings saved an hour of their time per viewing.

They now do a lot less viewings to fill the same rooms, and this has reduced their travel expenses saving them over £200 a month.

Qualifying Viewings

By ensuring every potential viewer has seen a virtual tour of the property, you reduce the number of viewings on a property.

Meet Lucy - The Serious Renter

Lucy is looking for somewhere to rent in the next two weeks.

After seeing the virtual tour, Lucy really likes the house and wants to arrange a viewing. She is likely to rent the property.

Meet John - The Serial Viewer

John is looking for the perfect property. He has been looking for the last 6 months, and has viewed over 20 properties so far.

After seeing the virtual tour, John realises the property isn't for him, and no longer wants to view the property.

Meet Leo - The Unfortunate Viewer

Leo meets the same profile as the serious renter. He's ready to move and is looking for something that meets his criteria.

After seeing the virtual tour, Leo likes the property, except realises he can't fit his office furniture in the small bedroom.

He doesn't book a viewing, but he does view another tour and books a viewing on another property that is a better fit.

You can avoid viewings that would never have taken the property by using virtual tours. Saving on time and travel expenses.

Example Virtual Tour

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