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Virtual Tour Builder

See how easy it is to create your own virtual tours using our Virtual Tour Builder.

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It works in 5 simple steps:

Step 1 - Choose a name for your tour

Choose a private title for you to see, and a public title for others to see when they view your tour.

Step 2 - Upload Your Photos

Select the photos from your computer or phone, and upload them using our form.

Our website will compress the photos so your tour loads as fast as possible for your customers.

Step 3 - Label Your Photos

Go through each photo, giving each of them a name. Also choose the opening angle: the direction you should be looking when you open the photo.

Step 4 - Order Your Photos

Put the photos in a logical order that you might take someone round the house.

Step 5 - Link Your Photos

Go through each photo and create the links to other photos.

This is the final step and links together all the photos so they you can walk around as if you were there.

Now your Virtual Tour is complete and ready to share:

Manage Your Tours

Once you have created a virtual tour, you can manage it using the Virtual Tour Editor page, and share it using a special link provided to you:

You can manage all your Virtual Tours from an easy to use dashboard:

Why Choose Made Snappy?

Save Time & Money

Made Snappy is the only Virtual Tour software that is designed to provide your agency a real ROI.

Fast Tour Builder

Build Virtual Tours in less that 20 minutes.

Fast Easy Photos

Using the equipment we recomment, a typical 3 bedroom house will take about 5 minutes.

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