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Welcome to our property finder tool designed to help you find the right investment faster.

More Precise Search

Are you using Rightmove alerts but are still sifting through a lot of properties that don't meet your criteria?

We provide additional search parameters to Rightmove using keywords to locate different types of properties:

  • Properties Requiring Work - Searching for terms such as "in need of modernisation" and "in need of improvement" picks up a lot of properties ranging from light refurbs to a full refit.
  • Cash Buyer - Properties for cash buyer only.
  • Auction - Auction properties, excluding modern method of auction.
  • No Chain - Properties with no chain.
  • HMO Properties - Properties that are HMOs or have potential to be converted.
  • Short Lease - Properties with a short lease

These parameters allow you to quickly narrow down to the investments you are looking for in your area.

Save Time

By using our search you can spend less time searching Rightmove and more time chasing leads.

Also we can find leads you may have missed because you didn't have the time to search for them.

With our search you can narrow down to individual postcodes.

Widen Your Net

If you aren't getting enough leads with your existing area, you can widen your net. We will only send you properties matching your chosen keywords, instead of being inundated with properties to search through.

Our Solution

For £20 you can choose three major postcode areas, such as B, NW, NG, and then create as many different searches as you like over those areas.

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