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Fast Easy Photos

Rapidly take photos of a property to create a Virtual Tour.

Taking 360 photos is as easy is putting the camera down in each room and hallway and snapping a photo.

Simple Guidelines

You don't have to worry about getting a photo of a room from the best angle like you do on a normal camera. You put the camera in the middle of the room, and take the photo.

To get photos in the correct locations so you can create a tour of the property, follow these simple guidelines:


Take a photo in the center of each room.


Take a photo in front of the property, and in the garden.


The hallyways are the connections that allow us to create a Virtual Tour.

Take a photo close to the exit of each room so you can walk naturally out of a room.


Take photos in any bends in the corridors so when you are travelling around the hallways you are moving to somewhere within your line of sight.


Below is a floorplan of a property we turned into a Virtual Tour.

See how we have taken a photo in the center of each room, and in hallway locations to ensure you can move naturally round the property:

Here's the Virtual Tour of the property:

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Save Time & Money

Made Snappy is the only Virtual Tour software that is designed to provide your agency a real ROI.

Fast Tour Builder

Build Virtual Tours in less that 20 minutes.

Fast Easy Photos

Using the equipment we recomment, a typical 3 bedroom house will take about 5 minutes.

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