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Case Study

Introducing Let Me In - A HMO Letting Agency in Birmingham that saves £100s a month using Virtual Tours.

Viewings typically take an hour of their time, or more if they are far from their office.

Frequently a viewing will turn up late, or not at all.

Less Viewings and Full Rooms

Before using our Virtual Tour Solution, they regularly heard tenants say this on viewings:

"It looked bigger on the photos"
"I don't like the decor"
After travelling for 30 minutes to a viewing
"I've done about 15 viewings"
After being asked how many viewings they have done so far

Now before booking in any viewing they send a Virtual Tour to the tenant to ensure it meets their criteria. Instead of hearing these things on viewings, they receive this feedback without having to leave the office:

Shaun - Interested Tenant

"The virtual tour is a great idea!

You were right, it's not quite what I'm looking for.

Thanks for your time and I'll keep looking."

Annmarie - Interested Tenant

"Thank you for the tour, not what I am looking for though"

Zakiya - Interested Tenant

"Looking at the tour the room looks a little small for me. If you have another property in the near future with a room as large as the first.

Please contact me."

All these tenants would all have booked a viewing, only to find the property wasn't suitable for them after costing an hour of Let Me In's time.

They now do a lot less viewings to fill the same rooms, and this has reduced their mileage bill saving them over £200 a month.

Why Choose Made Snappy?

Save Time & Money

Made Snappy is the only Virtual Tour software that is designed to provide your agency a real ROI.

Fast Tour Builder

Build Virtual Tours in less that 20 minutes.

Fast Easy Photos

Using the equipment we recomment, a typical 3 bedroom house will take about 5 minutes.

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