Made Snappy

Camera Equipment

We have done a lot of research into camera equipment to save you time and get you the best results.

There are three important things you need to buy, and can be purchased for around £300-350:


360 Camera

We recommend the Xiaomi Misphere Camera. It takes great quality photos for roughly £250-300.

It can also output the RAW files needed for profession editing by a photographer.

We strongly recommend against buying a cheaper camera such as the Samsung Gear 360, as it will not give the quality required for accurate virtual tours.


Tripod Compatible with 360 Cameras

To support the camera and have it at a suitable height, you need a special tripod. These cost somewhere in the region of £10-30.

We recommend using a light stand so that there is a minimal amount of tripod captured in the photos.


High Quality SD Card

360 cameras read and write to SD cards really fast. This means you need a special SD card to keep up, or it will not save all your footage.

For roughly £10-20 you can get a suitable SD card on Amazon

Once have recieved your equipment, get started using our training guides: