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Space saving furniture: HMOs

13th July 2020

Storage Beds

Usually going in a corner of the room, beds can be utilised to add extra storage in the smaller rooms of the house. The cheapest option is to have drawers installed in the bed, but if one side is against a wall then one side of will not be functional. You could opt to have 2 large drawers on the one side, but if there is a bed-side cabinet this could also obstruct the use of the drawers. A lift-up divan is a great solution to saving floor space, and you do not have the problem of tenants overloading drawers! Easy to access and spacious, the lift-up divans are perfect storage areas.

Use wardrobes with drawers

It’s unlikely there will be enough floor space for a wardrobe and drawers, so combine the two. Consider double hanging rail options and the addition of 3 or 4 drawers to allow tenants to organise their things. You may also think about small wardrobes which come in 24in instead of the standard 30in, which may be the difference between getting it up the staircase!

Buy furniture together

There are plenty of options of full HMO furniture packages. Instead of trying to mix and match furniture to fit, buy a set that is more visually pleasing and designed with HMO spaces in mind.

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