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Top tips: Decorating a rental property

8th July 2020

Many rental properties restrict the freedom to decorate your home. Whether you are dealing with questionable paintwork, staring at blank walls or just in need of a colour pop, we have some top tips to help you liven up your home without compromising your tenancy agreement.

Candles or incense

Imagine you are on holiday, walking into a restaurant or beach café with colourful, patterned incense holders that fill your soul with not only a dreamy smell, but a visual interaction. Candles also come in all shapes, sizes, and colours that can take you from day to night.


A well-placed mirror can change the aesthetic of a room. Making rooms seem more open, mirrors distribute light, emphasis colour and brighten up rooms that don’t have windows. Mirrors can be heavy, so if you cant put nails in the wall, free standing mirrors work just as well to fill up a blank wall and look at your full outfit!

Colourful crockery

If your dining room needs some brightening up, crockery is a great way to accessorise a room to suit your style. Utilise your space by hanging pots, pans and utensils from racks or place them on shelves. If you are feeling creative, you could get a paint kit to decorate your own white crockery with inspiration from catalogues and Pinterest.


House plants can not only be used to decorate any room, but also come with health benefits by cleaning the air and can boost healing. For a low maintenance option, choose succulents as they require less care and less frequent watering.

Wall art

Art doesn’t have to be expensive. It is an easy way to add personality, colour and pattern to any room, as well as adding a colour scheme. Create your own, use old photographs or download images and get them printed on high-quality paper. Go to your nearest department store and pick up some cheap photo frames in your choice of colour and mount them up yourself for a quick transformation.

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