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Multiple File Upload From Android

10th August 2020

On an Android device, when you select multiple photos to add to your tour, sometimes only one image is shown on the uploader.

This is a bug on Android, and can be worked around with how you select your images.

There are multiple ways of selecting the images, but they will only come through to the uploader correctly if you do it through the "Images" app.

Follow these steps to upload the files correctly.

Step 1 - Click the file upload

Step 2 - Click browse

Step 3 - Open the menu

Step 4 - Select Images

Step 5 - Choose the correct folder

Choose the correct folder for you. This may not be the same as in our screen shot.

Step 6 - Select the images

Click on the image icon in the far left to select the image, and it will allow you to select multiple files.

Step 7 - Click Select

Step 8 - Upload

Now your files are ready to upload and have been selected properly.

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