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3 Things You Can Do To Get More FREE Exposure & Engagement On Your Facebook Page & Posts

29th March 2021

Agents often ask "How can I increase the reach and engagement of my posts". In this article we are going to look at 3 different ways you can do this

1: Understand how Facebook decides how far to push each post you put on your business page

Nobody knows the exact formula of how Facebook decides this but what we do know is that one of the things that Facebook looks at is the engagement of that post. Engagement means comments, likes and shares on that post. In some cases it also means how many people are clicking on that post but most importantly it means how many people are sharing that post and commenting on that post.

If you can get people sharing and commenting on your post, Facebook will take notice and push that post out much further. Facebook wants to see multiple conversations and shares. The mistake that a lot of agents make is that they’re not actually asking for people’s opinions or asking questions in the content they’re producing and putting on social media. Perhaps, in the content, they’re providing lots of value but again they’re not asking for people’s opinions so it doesn’t drive engagement. Think about how you’re creating your content, are you asking those types of questions?

2: Understanding that you need to get content off your business page as quickly as possible

Facebook will take a lot more notice of content that is appearing on people’s personal newsfeeds than rather just sitting on a Facebook business page. Why is that? Because Facebook is pretty much sold out of space! Everyone is on Facebook sharing posts or content, businesses are sharing content and then you have people advertising content, putting money behind content as well. Facebook is now limited with space and about 2 years ago it made a decision that it was going to prioritise personal posts before business posts. That’s why it’s important that you do spend some money on your most important Facebook posts and create adverts but if you’re not you need to make sure that you’re getting as many of your important posts into personal Facebook newsfeeds by being shared.

There are a few things you can do to achieve this but one of the things I suggest to agents is simply asking your clients to share their property that’s on your Facebook page with their friends and family by hitting that share button, sharing into their personal newsfeed. That will get Facebook taking notice! Sharing any property tours or any property posts into personal newsfeeds is very simple. You can take the link of the post and email it to your client asking, “Can you please share your property that’s now live on our Facebook page with your contacts, family and friends so we can get as much exposure as possible?” You’ll be surprised as soon as you take that approach, the number of views on your video or post is going to go from 100’s to 1000’s! Better yet, if you can get that client to also ask their family and friends to share the post, that’s when the magic happens and you’re going to see lots of engagement and lots of reach on that post!

3: Pre portal listings

This is a process that you can implement on your Facebook page that’s going to get a lot of engagement and a lot of reach on your property posts and you will start seeing buyers and tenants visit your Facebook business page on a regular basis and also ‘like’ it. This way, you’ll gain lots of ‘fans’ but more importantly, engaged fans who are looking for property.

So how do we do this? We need to be making sure that we are re-educating buyers and tenants that our properties are going to appear on our Facebook page first! That’s going to involve you doing a quick video — perhaps of a property that has just come onto the market or will come onto the market in the next few days. Tell people to make sure they get in touch before it hits the portals and make sure to tell them to ‘like’ your page to hear about your properties before they hit the portals in future.

Now don’t worry because most of the time there’s a good few days before your property actually hits the portals. You need to take photographs, floor plans, EPC’s, etc. It all takes time! As soon as you get that phone-call about property coming onto the market you need to be making sure that you’re doing that quick video or quick post to say that this property is coming onto the market in the next few days and get in touch before it hits the portals so they don’t miss out. It’s a great way to get people coming to you which is a very powerful situation to be in rather than you having to go to them marketing the property later on. It can put you in a very strong position as an agent!

And that’s 3 things to consider to help you get more reach and engagement with your Facebook posts and page! Make sure that you implement some of these tips and you’ll see some great results straight away!

Paul Long

The #1 Facebook Marketing Expert for estate agents & property professionals in the UK. Speaker & Trainer. Estate Agent.

Paul Long provides Facebook coaching for estate agents and professionals in the property industry through a self study membership programme or one-on-one coaching.

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